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Soulmate Shifters Paranormal Romance Series Bundle

Soulmate Shifters Paranormal Romance Series Bundle

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Knock Down Dragon Out

★★★★★ "These characters are so likable that you get really into them and can’t help but fall in love with them." --Amazon Reviewer

She never expected to be attacked by dragons. Nor to go to bed with her smoking-hot savior...

Naomi Parker craves a hard reset. Unable to shake the grief of her fiancé’s fatal accident, the photographer heads to the Alaskan wilderness to capture the breathtaking nature. But before she can focus her lens, she’s shocked when dragons attack… and a drop-dead gorgeous creature comes to her rescue.

Shifter-prince Col is on the hunt for revenge. So when he plunges through a portal, he’s ready to strike when he spies his enemies standing over their injured prey. But the powerful fire-breather is stunned to discover the victim is an unbelievably attractive mortal… and his fated mate.

As Naomi recovers from her injuries in a nearby cabin with her newfound protector, she can’t resist the undeniable urge to let the man-beast take her to bed. And though Col struggles to contain his lust, he fears claiming the curvaceous woman as his own will only put them both in lethal danger.

Can the destined couple outlast deadly threats and embrace a future in each other’s arms?

I'm Not Lion To You

He wants her more than life, but can she trust him with her biggest secret?

Kann is a lion shifter from another world. Literally. Even though he’s learned how to walk, talk, dress and sound just like everyone else in Mystery, Alaska, he still can’t find his mate.

Until she walks right into the local grocery store. Her blue eyes and killer legs make his lion stand up and roar. Well, that and her soul is glowing just for him. That only happens…

…with soulmates. Which means the magick of his world did cross over to earth with the survivors.

Penny is on the run, being chased at a breakneck pace over the Alaskan countryside. She can’t trust anyone and knows it’s only a matter of time until she’s caught.

When she meets Kann, the sexy backwoods, plaid-shirted man from Mystery, she’s instantly attracted. However, she can’t afford a distraction and she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt when they come for her.

Except, Kann has never met an objection he couldn’t overcome. With patience and determination, he wins Penny over inch by inch. But will Penny’s past steal everything from both of them?

Bearly Hanging On

"...a super sexy lumberjack who looked like he should be on the front of a fitness magazine who just so happened to behave like a knight in shining flannel..."

The best type of romance is the one that’s forbidden.

Owen’s become an outcast for losing his Tribe… and that label is enough to prevent him from claiming his mate under pain of death. Tara won’t understand that he’s a bear, anyway. She’ll be scared. She’ll run away. So he keeps his distance...for now...

But Tara’s being hunted by a group of guys who act more like a pack-- because they are. Wolf shifters are nothing to joke about, and once they attack Owen can’t stay away any longer.

Owen is large. Untamed. And damn, he’s good in bed. The connection they have is deep and undeniable, the lust they have for each other something primal.

Yet the wolves are still lurking-- they’re out for revenge, and they won’t stop until they have Tara. If Owen wants Tara as his mate, he’ll have to fight to the death to keep her.

Bearly A Chance

Ava saw her mate. He saved her life from the wolves trying to kill the Tribe and take Tara away from her brother Owen. After the fight, he disappeared. Follow Ava on a journey that might steal everything away from her that she’s ever wanted.

Wolf At The Door

A prince without a pack.

A woman who will fight tooth and claw for those she loves.

The day Katherine Manitok finds out werewolves are real is the day she finds out she's in love with one. When she comes home from a long day of work at the Mystery, Alaska community center, she finds a bloody and battered wolf stretched across her front porch. Except when she gets up the nerve to touch the wolf, his fur turns to skin beneath her fingertips.Then those glowing golden eyes look up at her and she knows she's a goner.

Knox Li'Vas is alpha to a pack that no longer exists. He barely survived getting down off the mountain. And now he's risking everything to see Katherine again, but she's his shuarra--his soulmate. She glows for him and he can't leave town. His wolf won't let him. Not without her.

But how's a mostly-dead werewolf barbarian supposed to convince a woman who single-handedly runs the town's social calendar to up and run away with him so the neighborhood dragon doesn't finish him off? Oh, and she doesn't even know he's not human.

Oh, and did we mention that something is trying to kill her?

All's Were That Ends Were

Fate made a mistake.

The woman who's soul glows for Tor...he can't have.

The attraction, the spark. It means nothing because she's already got a ring on her finger.

When tensions rise and the situation in Mystery, Alaska spirals out of control, Tor won't be able to look the other way. He'll do anything to keep his mate safe...even if it he can never claim her as his own.

Dawn was looking for a fresh start in Mystery, instead she finds herself in the middle of bloody turf war. She's dealing with a past she'd rather not talk about, but the sexy redheaded tarzan-esque man who saved her from almost certain death by dumpster might just be able to pull down all those carefully constructed walls around her heart.

If she can live long enough to give him a chance, that is...

All's Fair In Lion And War

He’d already had his great love and lost it. So when a twist of fate throws him into a situation with a women who is glowing with the soul call, Saul doesn’t know what to believe. Especially when said woman is being held captive by the very same tribe that murdered his first mate—the Ka’lagh.

All bets are off and all Saul’s claws come out.

The tribe is under attack. Their secrets. Their lives.

Not only do they have to deal with a cruel tyrant leading a band of marauding lions across Denali, they have an entire clan of dragons following behind the lions, threatening chaos and destruction in their wake.

The Ka’lagh are stealing females.

But the only female Saul is interested in is already mated. And she’s a queen and would never have anything to do with him.

Then there’s the problem of her damaged memory and the fact that she can’t remember the last three hundred and sixty-five days of her life on earth. She thinks she’s still on Reylea. Still the queen of La’Tar.

Lion Conquers All

A small town that will never be the same.

A lion shifter who will never give up on the woman meant to be his soul mate.

A human woman looking for the courage to love again.

Unbeknownst to the residents of Mystery, Alaska, their town is home to a small Tribe of shifters.

Connie and Aarav both work out of the sheriff’s department, but the last thing Connie wants is to give him false hope that she could ever be in a relationship with him.

Not that she finds him unattractive, quite the opposite, but she’s broken and no one deserves to deal with the demons of her past. She’s not even sure she knows how to love anymore.

But when two teens from the town get lost on the mountain, Aarav and Connie must work together to find them before it’s too late. The trail leads them higher and higher. A fast-approaching blizzard brings the human search and rescue to a screeching halt.

Now it will take a supernatural miracle to find them.

Unwilling to let the children die from exposure, the Tribe will risk exposing their secret to save the missing teens. And that sacrifice may cost them their home and their freedom.

After the Tribe jeopardizes everything they’ve built, Connie takes a brave gamble she never thought possible and tells Aarav about the darkness in her past. Darkness that might chase him away for good.

Been There Dragon That

Her trust is broken.

He’s waiting for fate.

When she arrives breathless in his small town, can this shifter prove their future deserves a chance?

Texas. Rylee Florence believes real love is only a fairytale. Walking in on her fiancé and his secretary a week before the wedding, the strong-minded freelance copywriter calls the whole thing off. But when she’s nearly killed in a hit-and-run and the mistress turns up dead, the frightened young woman flees to the one place her potentially murderous ex can’t reach… the isolated Alaskan wilderness.

Wrath Di’Lasha’s inner dragon fumes. After leaving behind his tribe on the strength of a prophesied mate he can’t seem to find, the small-town sheriff is at the end of his rope until a stunning stranger shows up bearing the glow of destiny. And when a storm wrecks her house, the gallant shifter rushes to the rescue.

As their chemistry flames, Rylee struggles to put her faith in the rugged mountain of a man who claims their relationship is meant to be. And Wrath vows to do anything to protect the brown-eyed beauty barreling deep into his heart when her dangerous past comes calling.

Will their passion be enough to prevail against the circling threat?

Intro Into Chapter One

Knock Down Dragon Out



Flaming rocks from erupting volcanoes seared Col’s sides as he tucked his dragon wings tight and dove through the air. He chased the fleeing traitors from his world into a new one—an unknown one—through the portal horizon that shimmered like liquid magick. 

His wings pumped hard. Anger surged through his veins, spurring him on. Kill. Kill. Kill. His dragon chanted inside his head. They had taken everything. 

He would take it back. 

The two remaining dragons who’d murdered the House of Li’Vhram would die an excruciating and painful death. Soon he’d be able to sink his talons into their flesh and rip them to shreds. Soon, his family’s deaths would be avenged. Soon justice would be served. 

Fire was coming to claim their souls.

His fire. 

The intense heat of Reylea’s burning air disappeared as he broke through the surface of the portal into unfamiliar blue skies. A blast of bitter cold wind made him blink hard. The land around him was white, and the sun reflected off the surface, blinding him. 

He pumped his wings, struggling to adjust to a new gravity. His body dropped, smashing through the trees to the ground below. He thrashed about until he was finally upright and on all four of his claws.

The wind was numbingly cold with a scent on the air he didn’t recognize. Reylea, his home, was all jungle and desert. It was never cold. Never like this… He raised a claw and looked down at the large print it’d made in the white powder coating the ground. He sniffed and licked it, surprised to find that it melted to water on his tongue.

He walked forward from the trees into a large clearing on the side of a hill. Jagged peaks rose around him on three sides. He squinted at the strange brightness. Movement caught his eye to his left. A bugle call of a dragon hunting cut through the air a moment later.

They’d been in this new world only a few minutes. What could the traitors possibly have found to hunt? 

A scream broke the silence next. 

A woman. 

Col bounded forward a few steps and launched himself into the air. 

He pumped his wings, climbing into the sky, and dipped toward the sound of shouts and another scream. Then came the sickening thud of a body slamming against something hard. Had they killed someone? He dove to the ground, shifting just as his claws touched the white powder. Feet replaced claws. He ran forward, through the trees tracking by scent, even in his human form. The two dragons had shifted as well. 

The strong scent of the trees burned at his nostrils like the medicine the healers of Reylea used to treat lung sickness.

“Now you’ve broken her,” a female voice screeched through the silence of the woods, like the scream of a panther, sharp and cold and heartless.

Col slowed his run, careful to pick through the trees without sounding like a bellowing river cow. 

“She’s just knocked unconscious. She will wake.”

“Her head bleeds,” the female voice spoke again, this time more annoyed than angry. “Col was right behind us. We need to get away from the portal. He could come through at any moment. She can tell us nothing about this world. This female is of no use anymore.”

“Neither are you, sister.” The male’s voice was dark and angry, brewing like a summer storm on the horizon. 

The female scoffed but didn’t argue further. 

Col crept around a small cluster of trees with green needles clinging to their branches. The cold white powder had weighed them down, so they almost touched the ground, providing him with excellent cover. With the element of surprise on his side, taking down the two traitors wouldn’t be a challenge. 

Kill. His dragon whispered inside his head. They deserve to die.

He peered around the last tree in the clump. The female—Sefa—was leaning against the trunk of a tall tree looking bored, while her brother, Jaha was crouched over a bundled-up form on the ground, likely the injured female they’d been speaking about. 

Col’s lip curled as fury built in his blood. Like the volcanoes erupting and destroying his home world, he was ready to boil and burn these two for their part in murdering his family. 

His whole tribe. 

He leapt forward as Jaha started to lift the injured woman from the ground. Col shifted to dragon form in mid-leap, knocking the traitor away from the woman with a roar.

Jaha shifted before Col could bite down, but he got a good slice at the other dragon’s stomach before he tore loose from Col’s grip. He pumped his wings, following Jaha high into the sky. 

Another cry from below made him shift direction quickly. The female dragon had joined the fray, and shot through the air, missing him by inches. He banked a sharp turn and came face to face with both of them. This was it. This was the moment he would deliver justice for their crimes. 

They would die. 

Col dove at Jaha first since he was already bleeding. The female was smaller and less of a threat anyway. Jaha turned, protecting his stomach, but Col got in a good bite on his back, ripping off several armored spikes in the process. 

He trumpeted into the sky and backed off just as the female came at him. Col turned and swatted her away with a well-trained swipe of his spiked tail. 

Sefa fell, landing in the white powder near the woman on the ground.

He’d been trained by the royal guard and was one of the best warriors of his house. These two didn’t have a chance … and yet they kept coming at him. They knew they would die. He could see the fear in their wide-slitted eyes and hear the way their heartbeats raced in their chests. 

Sefa swatted the blue bundled body across the clearing angrily before leaping back into the air. 

Col shouldn’t care. Shouldn’t have looked. But he saw it, and there was no going back. The woman was glowing. Her soul. It was calling to him. Every part of him seized in that moment. His heart stopped. His lungs froze. His skin tightened.


He gulped for a breath of the cold air and ducked another hit from Jaha, sending the lesser dragon careening into the trees. Sefa tried for a hit too, but he sent her flailing off through the sky with a solid blow to her chest. 

He roared, bellowing a call across the sky. Both of them trumpeted back, but instead of charging, they swooped down and fled, flying just above the canopy of white-covered trees.

Col puffed out a breath of fire after their retreating figures. Nothing would slake his fury but their deaths. 

Damn Fate. 

But he wouldn’t abandon his mate. Not even for those two traitors.

This world was cold, and the scents burned his nostrils. He peered back over his shoulder. The portal was lower than it’d been earlier. The magick-bender must’ve realized she would send most of the Reyleans tumbling to their deaths if it weren’t adjusted. Not everyone had the body of a dragon that could absorb a fall like he had.

The scent of fresh blood drew all his attention back to the woman on the ground. She was so small and defenseless. Even now, some predator could be stalking her helpless form. He’d find a shelter to hide her in. Keep her safe and well fed. Then he’d hunt down Sefa and Jaha. Their deaths wouldn’t be today, but they would be soon.

Col flew back to the ground, landing softly and shifting. The transformation from his animal form to his two-legged version was as seamless as breathing. He ran across the clearing, toward the place where the woman had been. 

Broken trees littered the way back. She was still there. Her light blue covering rose and fell with each breath. He could hear the strength in her heartbeat. She was a fighter.

Mate. His dragon growled from inside his chest.

She lay face down on the ground. Helpless. Unconscious. 

Why now? Why would Fate choose this moment to give me a mate?

Col lifted her gently from the ground. He carried her beneath the shelter of one of the taller trees. One glance at her face and all thoughts of vengeance melted away, filling his heart with a love he’d never experienced before. 

The muscles in his arms trembled, and his dragon preened. He placed her flat on the snowy ground. Her skin was the color of desert sand. Gorgeous and smooth. Her curls were wild and created a shining halo around her face. But breathtaking beauty wasn’t what had his heart kicking the inside of his ribcage. He’d seen her glow—the soul call—from the air. Felt its pull. Yet, it was so much more up close.

Her skin was luminescent, like she’d swallowed active magick and it was trying to escape but couldn’t. Like she carried a living flame of white light within her. It was beautiful and alluring and…


No. It couldn’t be. He couldn’t have a mate in this strange world. 

He was here for vengeance. In all his years, Fate had never seen fit to give him a mate. He’d had women in his bed from time to time, but never a mate. Never a woman who could give him more than a few moments of meaningless pleasure. 

Mine. His dragon repeated. Take her.

Col huffed out a growl and turned to walk away but couldn’t. The magick of the soul call was strong. He couldn’t just leave her here either. Wild animals would find her. Whatever predators lived in this wilderness would be dangerous. 

Nothing so soft could survive this bitter cold, which begged the question as to why this small slip of a female was out here all alone. Was she running from something? Had someone abandoned her already? Fire warmed his belly at the thought of someone hurting or mistreating his mate.

He glanced down at his hands. The left was stained with blood that wasn’t his. The scent was different. His attention locked in on the female again. She was injured, and he was doing nothing. 

Col ripped a strip of purple fabric from the swath tied around his waist. The leather strips hanging from his wide belt flapped against his legs in the cold wind. His dragon was making up for the temperature change, keeping his core warm, but it didn’t make the bite of the wind any less uncomfortable. His entire torso was bare and feeling the discomfort of this new world’s environment.

He pulled back the woman’s hood, surprised to find that her hair was shorter than his, barely hanging past her ears in silky brown spirals. The wound was on the back of her head, near the base. It wasn’t deep enough to need to be cauterized or sewn. 

Col fastened the fabric, wrapping it twice around her head before tying it tightly. The bleeding wasn’t flowing too strongly. He’d bandaged enough wounds to know hers would stop soon now that it was dressed.

Her face was exquisite. Even though he couldn’t see her eyes, she had strong lines and a mouth that he wanted to explore. There was something about her scent … almost like she was in heat. Like her very essence called to him. He leaned closer and sniffed her neck, breathing in the sweet fragrance of her. 

Mine. His dragon rumbled again. 

“Yes,” he assured his inner beast. He was keeping her. He was just going to find a safe place to hide her for a while and then continue after the two traitors—Jaha and his sister. He had a mission.

He was stronger than Fate’s call. He could resist the beautiful mate Fate had placed in front of him … for a while. It was a test of his will. Nothing more.

“I would never drop you.”

“I get that, but it’s just. I’m … well … I’m afraid of heights,” she said, tugging her other boot on.

Col slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. “The sooner the battle is fought, the sooner it can be won.”

“Are you talking about your battle with the dragons or mine with puking from being up too high?”

He chuckled and rose from the couch, pulling her along with him. “Both.” He took her puffy blue coat down from the peg by the door and handed it to her. 

She put it on and zipped it up, like somehow it was armor for what she was about to do. Was she really going to allow a dragon to carry her as he flew through the air?

Yes. Granted, it was Col. She trusted him. But still. Carry her? In the sky. High above everything?


Her stomach fluttered and a small, still voice in the back of her mind soothed her fear. She was his mate. His shuarra, as he so liked to call her.

He’d never put her in harm’s way. Naomi could do this. They really did need to get out of this cabin before the owners showed up and threatened them or pressed charges for breaking and entering. The last thing she needed was Col to be put in jail.

What if he got angry and lost his temper? Could he control his dragon?

So many questions.

“Are you ready?”

She took a deep breath and released it. “No, not really,” she said without thinking.

He smiled and walked to her, wrapping his strong arms around her body, making her feel small and safe and loved. How he did that with just a hug, she’d never know.

It happened. Every single time.

“You will be safe, Naomi.”

She took another deep, fortifying breath to still her nerves and her overactive brain that’d possibly flashed half a billion ways this scenario could go wrong.

Col went out the door, glancing over his shoulder to make sure she was following.

Naomi stopped on the steps of the cabin.

He was already out about twenty feet into the clearing. One moment he was a man and the next he was a dragon.

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Books Included In Bundle

  • Knock Down Dragon Out
  • I'm Not Lion To You
  • Bearly Hanging On
  • Bearly A Chance
  • Wolf At The Door
  • All's Were That Ends Were
  • All's Fair In Lion And War
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  • Bonus Story: Fires of Reylea
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